Macalla Farm is a place of learning, collaboration and reflection. We are an organic, regenerative farm and yoga retreat centre located on Clare Island, off the west coast of Ireland. We run Sati Yoga and meditation residential retreats and skill sharing courses, exploring a way to respond creatively to the times we’re living in.


When we started at Macalla farm more than two decades ago, our interests and passions were many – yoga, vegetarianism, horses, tree planting, living close to the land. Two decades on, these passions have only deepened and widened – the boundaries between them becoming more porous. We started to not only see that everything was interconnected but actually experience it as such. What matters is how we are in relation to ourselves and to others and crucially how we are in relation to the non-human world. The crises of climate, natural systems and inequality demand that we show up and respond as best we can.  This ever evolving response colours all that we do.

Thus our approach to yoga, to all aspects of food, to the land and the animals is one that is caring, playful, inclusive, regenerative – maybe best described as an exploratory and ethical process rather than something fixed and complete.

An invitation, then, to join us – on one of our Sati Yoga retreats or practical courses on food or horses or in the Stone Barn Cafe for a meal or as a volunteer or  –  all of the above!


We have been running residential courses at Macalla Farm for more than two decades. Yoga and mindfulness retreats, skill-sharing courses in vegetarian/vegan cooking and fermentation as well as an introduction to natural horsemanship.

The last two seasons have been a challenge as we navigated COVID restrictions as successfully as we could – along the way meeting some wonderful people on our retreats.


Since 2004 the running of Macalla Farm has been assisted by a large number of generous volunteers and woofers, coming from more than 25 different countries.

It works as an exchange – your help for food and accommodation – the help can be with any aspect of what we do, the food is organic, mostly fairtrade, of the highest quality and delicious, the accomodation comfortable, the place open and welcoming.

Get in touch if you’re interested in joining our team in 2024

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