At Macalla Farm, we have been running residential yoga retreats in Ireland since 2001.

We teach a slow, strong and balanced form of yoga drawing from the many traditions we have studied. We call this approach Sati yoga. The word Sati comes from the Buddhist tradition and is usually translated as mindfulness or present moment awareness.  In this practice, the principles of mindfulness inform our approach to yoga asana and lead to a deeper level of integration with pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation and ethics.  The unique island setting, with nature so close at hand supports this developing awareness of our connection to our bodies, our breath, to the earth.

Yoga retreats at Macalla farm

Our yoga retreats are small, usually 6 to 8 students and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.  one in which we can explore and deepen our experience of yoga.  To comply with the social distancing requirements brought about by the COVID 19 crisis, you will be allocated a single room in one of our cottage, unless you come with a  partner or friend you specifically want to share with.  For those on a tight budget it is also possible to camp.

We are vegetarian and the food on all our courses is strictly vegetarian (with vegan and gluten free options on request). We pay great attention to the quality of ingredients we use, nearly all the produce are organic and nearly all the  vegetables are home grown.

To book one of our Sati  yoga retrats, go to our calendar of events.

To find out more about Sati Yoga watch the video below: