Natural hoof care for horse owners

Learn to trim your own horse’s hooves!

This tried and tested course covers the basic theory and practice of Natural hoof care (barefoot trimming). This is a practical workshop which includes demonstrations and hands on work with real horses! It is therefore only suitable for horse owners and people who regularly work with horses.
In the morning, we will look at what a healthy hoof look like, discuss the pro and cons of barefoot versus shoeing, and look at options for transitioning horses to barefoot, including hoof boots. This will be followed by a trimming demonstration. In the afternoon, we will look at a variety of horses, decide on a suitable hoof care strategy, and trim them.
By the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge and the confidence needed to keep their own horses hooves trimmed and healthy.
Participants can bring one of their own horse to the workshop for trimming  (there is an extra charge of 25 euros for this).


barefoot trimming tuition

What is Natural hoof care?

Natural hoof care, also known as barefoot trimming, is keeping and working horses without shoes. It is not merely taking the shoes off, it is returning the hooves to the natural state of health that enables wild horses to travel 15 miles per day on rough terrain without shoes.
Keeping horses barefoot has many advantages: it is cheaper than shoeing, you will never again miss a ride because of a lost shoe and because you can do it yourself, it is easy to keep your horses in top shape. But the main reason is that barefoot horses are healthier and  happier. Some are now winning World class competitions in show jumping and endurance riding, and many horses are worked barefoot throughout the world without any issue.
However, without regular trimming most domestic horses’ hooves would grow too long and distorted, and the horn would not grow strong enough for the horse to be working comfortably on hard ground. Regular trimming is therefore necessary. It is best if it is done by the horse owner, as it is much easier to keep the horse on a regular trimming schedule if the owner does it themselves. Doing a maintenance trim on a barefoot horse is easy, and can be learnt in a few hours.


Christophe learnt natural hoofcare from an ex-farrier and has been trimming horses and teaching natural hoofcare for over 12 years. Some of his former students now trim professionally.

Venue, cost and booking

The next workshop will be held at Horseback west in Killadoon on the 22nd of October , starting at 10.30 am.
Cost is 80 euros for the day. This includes, course notes and lunch. Advanced booking essential as number of participant is strictly limited to 6 (5 places left).
For more information and to book, please
ring or text Christophe on 087 262 18 32 or email

Advanced payment is required to secure your place on this workshop.

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