Vegetarian Cooking Course

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th of August

€ 390


We began running vegetarian cooking courses at Macalla Farm in 2004, mainly as a response to the requests of people who had participated on our yoga courses and were enthusiastic about learning how to cook our delicious yet simple vegetarian meals at home. Our open plan kitchen is ideally suited for interactive, hands-on courses and we have been refining our approach since those early days.


Our creative style of cooking has developed over the years and has certainly been influenced by the fact that we were growing more and more of our own produce. Local and seasonal has taken on a far more authentic meaning now that most of the ingredients come from the farm! To us, the quality of ingredients is paramount and many of our dishes, especially soups, are extremely simple. In general we eschew difficult to find ingredients that have become the focus of the latest trends and use instinct rather than complex nutritional formulas when putting together a meal.

Our interest in preserving and fermenting grew out of the need to deal with our seasonal gluts of various fruits and vegetables, while our bread making skills evolved out of the necessity: there was no bakery on the island. We are always happy to share our know-how in these areas.

What to expect

Most of the people who come on our retreats and cooking courses are not vegetarians, and are amazed to see how easy it is to cook meat-less, seasonal meals which not only improve one’s health and well-being but are delicious. 

This fun weekend course is for those who wish to learn the secrets behind the delicious food served at the farm.
You will have the opportunity to connect with real, delicious seasonal vegetarian food, through the preparation (in some cases, the harvesting), then cooking and finally eating simple but delicious food. We dispel the myths that vegetarian cooking is involved and time-consuming.
The course includes discussions about food and diet, as well as a lot of cooking practice in the kitchen!


On this course you will learn

  • How to make a delicious vegetarian meal in minutes using fresh local ingredients
  • How to make your own sourdough bread
  • How to make lacto-fermented vegetables
  • How to use spices and herbs
  • Some mouth-watering vegetarian recipes


Friday 26h to Sunday 28h of August

The course starts with the evening ferry on Friday evening, leaving the mainland at 18.45  and ends at 16.30 on the Sunday with the ferry back to the mainland


In line with our three tier pricing policy:

  • Normal cost of this retreat is €390, please pay this price if you can

  • Supported rate is €300 for those who can’t afford the full fee

  • Supporter rate of €480 is available for those who would like to cultivate generosity, as well as support our work and encourage us to continue offering a supported rate on our courses.

A 50% deposit, payable online by Paypal or by bank transfer, is required at the time of booking.



These prices include:

  • 2 nights accommodation (single room, 60 euros discount if coming with a friend you are sharing a room with)
  • All meals (delicious organic vegetarian food, all vegetables grown on our farm)
  • 4 cooking classes and 2  (optional) meditation sessions
Limited availability, contact us