Connecting with horses though Sati yoga

Our yoga and horse courses are unique in Ireland, combining the holistic mind-body practice of Sati yoga with the tools of natural horsemanship. There are many yoga postures which through practice will benefit riders. But these courses are not just for riders and people with considerable horse experience – yoga assists us in creating a more refined body awareness in general, which in turn improves communication with the horse.

On another, more subtle level, through the practice of pranayama (yogic breathing), we become more aware of our breathing and are able to release parts of our bodies which hold tension, something which the horses definitely notice! We have found that when using breathing techniques, the horses are also able to relax and trust us better. Yogic breathing increases our concentration, and with better focus, communication with the horses becomes clearer and easier.

Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we learn to develop a non-reactive mind. Horses are acutely aware of the emotional state of their handler, whether the handler is or not. The confidence, calm and emotional balance developed through yoga and mindfulness practice makes all the difference, especially in dealing with new or stressful situations, as well as competitions.