Why practice?

We strongly believe that yoga’s potential for transformation is fully unleashed only when we start practicing regularly on our own. Once a practice is established, the wisdom gained while on the mat (or cushion) supports us as we move through our daily lives. To this end, one of our main priorities as teachers is to help students establish their own home practices and we often work one-to-one. supporting the development of a balanced personal practice which suits one’s particular needs, circumstances and experience.

Practice, from the Greek, praktikos, in English is both a noun and verb. It is both doing and a doing. For many, practice is a dour, uninteresting word: practice makes perfect, we are told, implying that it is only at the end of the process that the fruits are tasted. But with yoga, meditation, and other practice such as dance and music,  it is in the doing that the potential is realised.