Sati yoga

Sati yoga weaves together the mindfulness teachings of the Buddha (who gave us the term “Sati” meaning mindfulness in Pali) with the teachings of classical yoga as well as these of 20th century yoga masters such as Krishnamacharya, Sivananda and their students.

It is a transformative practice which aims at developing mindfulness of body,  breath and  mind through asanas (postures), pranayama (breath training), kryas (cleansing practices) and various meditation techniques.

During a Sati yoga retreat, we begin with developing awareness of  body and breath through guided meditation, simple pranayama exercise, sun salutations and basic asanas. We learn to notice how mindfulness of breath affects the quality of our physical practice. Using various simple ‘tools’ which allow for the integration of meditative awareness with the physical postures, we mindfully approach more challenging postures from various hatha yoga traditions with the qualities of ease and stability.

Through the cultivation of our capacity to become more aware (sati – mindfulness) and the exploration of the ethics that are inseparable from both yoga and mindfulness, our practice becomes deeply relevant to our contemporary situation, allowing us to respond creatively to the increasingly imbalanced and precarious world we live in.

Yoga Retreat