We serve delicious lunches, cakes, tea and coffee made with the highest quality ingredients and Macalla Farm grown produce.

Our exclusive tasting menu on Monday nights was a huge hit in 2021 – and we’ll be continuing it in 2022 as well as some other pop-up dinner nights along the way!

The intimate Stone Barn setting also plays host to the island’s talented musicians as well as guest performers.

Groups larger than 10 – please book in advance.

Opening beginning of June


The stone barn originally housed cows, with a drain down the middle, It was already there when Michael Joe was born in 1914. His father built on to the east end sometime in the 1920’s. When Ciara arrived in the 80’s it had ceased its original function as Michael moved to out-wintering his cows, and was filled with everything imaginable. The roof was thatch and re-thatching was an annual job. Cutting the rushes with a scythe was extremely hard work, the cut rushes then bundled into a rope which you swung on your back walking the long distance back to the barn.

After Michael died, the roof fell in and the building was finally cleared of its contents. In 2006 we decided to renovate the building, initially with the idea of providing accommodation for volunteers. A number of islanders including a skilled stonemason worked on the renovation. An expert in lime work on traditional buildings oversaw the project, ensuring that no concrete was used and the limecrete in the floor could cope with the high moisture content in the ground beneath the building. Coupled with 300 mm of cellulose in the ceiling, the building now breathes comfortably, is extremely easy to heat with a small wood burning stove and never feels damp.