Sati Yoga June Weekend:

19th – 21st June


As the date for indoor exercise classes to start again in Ireland is set to 5th of July, this course has been cancelled.

Cultivating awareness, embodying change

This four day yoga and meditation course is designed for students (from keen beginners to experienced practitioners) who wish to explore the connection between mindfulness (sati in the ancient language of the Buddha) and the classical eight limb system of yoga.



The practice of mindfulness in meditation can be readily applied to the practice of physical asana, using classical hatha yoga postures. Within this approach, meditation, relaxation and breath training are integral elements. Working with a variety of asana, this course explores how we can practice with an embodied awareness, observing emotions and thoughts as they arise, connecting and staying with our breath. By cultivating both active and receptive awareness, our yoga practice becomes both deeper and lighter: a sense of spaciousness and ease in our bodies develops while strength and stability results from a groundedness through gravity.

By the end of the retreat, students will have developed an understanding of how this integrated approach can become a tool of transformation within their own yoga practice as well as how it can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

The day starts with a 30 minute meditation session, followed by a 2 and a half hour yoga session. Over the course of the retreat, we explore sun salutations, a variety of hatha postures and will play with the relationships between simple, foundational postures and more complex asanas.

Brunch follows the morning yoga. There is free time until we meet again for an afternoon session, based around a more detailed exploration of yogic breathing.  The three course  vegetarian dinner is prepared from vegetables that are grown on the farm. We finish the day with a 30 minute silent sitting meditation.

This course would be of interest to keen beginners as well as experienced practitioners, and especially to anyone who has an interest in meditation. (Those who have done an 8 week MBSR course may be particularly interested). Yoga teachers are also welcome.



In line with our three tier pricing, the normal cost of this course is €390 with the option of a Supported rate of €320 for those who can’t afford the normal price and a  Supporter rate of €450 for those who would like to support our work and encourage us to continue offering supported rate on our courses. A 50% deposit, payable online by Paypal or by bank transfer, is required at the time of booking.

The cost includes:

  • 2 nights single room accommodation. If you are coming with a friend or partner you are sharing a room with, a €60 discount is available
  • All meals (delicious organic vegetarian food, most vegetables grown on our farm)
  • More than 10 hours of tuition
  • Observance of appropriate social distancing and all health and safety / hygiene protocols to ensure everyone’s safety


19th – 21st June

The course starts with the evening ferry, leaving the mainland at 17.30  and ends at 13.00 on the Monday with the ferry back to the mainland


The price is based on single room occupancy (you may have to  share a bathroom with one other person). If you are coming with a friend or partner with whom you are sharing a room, a 100 euros discount will be applied to your balance.

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Discounts and financial assistance


If you think that attending one of our retreats would be of great benefit to you, no matter what your particular financial situation may be,  we are very happy to explore various options for discounted prices. Please contact us!