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Sati Yoga Teacher Training – Modules 1+2

13 April - 22 April


This course forms the first residential module of our 1year 200hr Satiyoga Teacher Training course.

This first residential module of our programme establishes the main themes for the year’s training. Right from the beginning, students engage in the process of exploration and integration, enabling theoretical concepts and ideas as well as deep intuitions to become assimilated into one’s personal practice. This module serves to uncover the interconnectedness of the four foundations of Satiyoga, laying down the necessary conditions for self-enquiry. What results is confidence and curiosity to go even further.

We have kept this foundation module separate to allow students who are new to Macalla Farm or unsure about teacher training the chance to visit and try Satiyoga before committing to the year-long training. 

There are two date options for booking to allow more flexibility for those interested in the year-long 200hr Teacher Training (spaces are limited to 12). Both courses are identical and students will join together to complete the rest of their training.

These modules can be booked separately or as part of the whole TTC course cost.  If you complete modules 1 and 2 you also have the option to defer your TTC training to the following intake, beginning in 2020.

For more details please see our  Satiyoga Teacher Training page.


Module 1 (online) March or May     Getting started

Introduction to the four pillars of Sati Yoga Ethics Body Breath & Mind which become the foundations for Satiyoga Teacher Training and what to expect on the course

What do we mean by Mindfulness? What do we mean by Yoga?

Module 2 (first residential)  April or June   Embodiment through practice


What is Embodiment and why is it so important?

Importance of practice; creating the conditions for our own practice during the course and at home

Establishing our Sangha


Situating Satiyoga and the training course within an ethical framework

What might an Ethics with a practice look like?

Introducing the Five Precepts as a practice


Larger context of Body in which asana is a(n essential) part

Finding our feet and finding our seat through gravity: the art of standing and sitting

Exploring in-depth: natural, foundational postures of the body and the related fundamental asana: sitting, standing, supine, twisting, inversions, lateral stretches, backbending, weight-bearing (approximately 30 postures)

Introducing the relational qualities of sthiram (steadiness or stability) with sukham (ease, joy), prayatna (effort, tension) with saithilya (relaxation, release)


What is the natural breath and why is it so important as an object for awareness?

Anapanasati (passive observation) Pranayama (active engagement)

Basic anatomy and physiology of breathing


Finding our seat and why it is so important for meditation

Mindfulness, cultivating the capacity for waking up

Introduction to guided meditations: anapanasati, body scan, four elements, listening, open awareness

Walking meditation introduced

Understanding our minds as a sense organ

Karma yoga – bringing awareness to everyday tasks and chores

Nature practice –

Finding our feet by standing on the (real) ground

Walking meditation outside


13 April
22 April
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