Mindfulness teachers


Ciara has been meditating since she began her yoga practice more than 20 years ago. SInce 2005, under the guidance of Rossella Baroncini, a new relationship with body and breath began to emerge in Ciara’s approach to yoga.  This deeply influenced her meditation practice and lead her to explore more specific teaching in the growing field of secular mindfulness.  In 2014 she successfully completed a year long mindfulness teacher training course with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman of the Mindfulness Institute (UK and US). Ciara has found her ‘home’ in Secular Dharma, a contemporary approach to early Buddhism with its emphasis on ethics and practice, completing a two year intensive course in 2017 with Stephen Batchelor and Bodhi College.

Christophe sat his first meditation retreat in 1995 in a Thibetan Buddhist monastery in Scotland. He then started to study Vipassana in 1996, first in the Goenka tradtion, and more recently in the Insight meditation tradition, mostly  in Gaia house in Devon (where he has sat a number of silent retreats with senior Insight meditation teachers).
He is passionate about exploring the connections between classical yoga and the mindfulness teachings of Buddhism.
His daily practice includes both Tranquility and Insight meditation.