Mindful horsemanship

Because horses have evolved in an environment where being fully aware of their surroundings was a matter of life and death, they live entirely in the present. They are also very skilled communicators, using movement and breath to connect with each other in a peaceful and authentic manner.

As such, horses make excellent mindfulness teachers: in order to learn to communicate effectively with them, it is necessary to be fully present, to develop an awareness that matches theirs.

On these unique courses which combine mindfulness and yoga with horses, you will put into practice mindfulness skills in an innovative setting.¬†We encounter the horses in a safe setting– an enclosed round arena — and no riding is involved.

These courses are open to those who are entirely new to working with horses as well as those who have prior experience.

For those with more experience, learning how to practice mindfulness when working with horses can be extremely useful and is rewarding for both the rider and the horse.

It is also possible to explore mindfulness and horses through a single one-to-one Equine Assisted Mindfulness session.


Equine assisted mindfulness