Mindful eating, vegetarian food retreats

On our mindfulness and food retreats at Macalla Farm we attempt explore the answers to some fundamental questions as “what it is that we eat?” , “how do we eat?”  and “why do we eat?” How and what we eat influences everything else that we do during the day, and during these courses, we explore the complex relationship between food and consciousness.

In addition to learning useful mindfulness practices, including mindful movement and breath awareness exercises, participants on these retreats will have the opportunity to work in the garden and in the kitchen, harvesting the vegetables for their meals, as well as preparing and cooking their food. The integration of the full processes of feeding ourselves helps us to see that it is not just the act of eating that needs attention, but our relationship to what we consume.

There will be periods of silence during these retreats, including some silent meals, but there is also a lot of fun, as we interact with nature outside and engage with one another as a team in the kitchen and the garden.