Mindfulness is the practice of being present and open to experience, without judgement, and with an attitude of discernment and kindness. While the instructions may be simple, following them is not easy. We begin to understand that the nature of our minds is to wander, to be often distracted, jumping from past to future, anywhere but here. But as we practice, a newly spacious relationship to our thoughts brings both peace and freedom.

At Macalla Farm, in addition to mindfulness and yoga, we offer unique courses combining mindfulness with food and horses.

The unique setting of the island, with its contrasts of sea and sky, vast space and intimate quiet, enables us to be more aware of what surrounds us as well as what is within.

Our courses and retreats are ideal for beginners as well as those who have attended an eight week introductory mindfulness course. More seasoned practitioners will find opportunities for deeper practice and study.