Abridged version of Lecture,

delivered to cat and dog at Macalla Academy, Clare Island by M.J. O’Malley,

self-styled poet, philosopher, anthropologist, sociologist, ecologist, ethnologist, psychologist, codologist.

Re-born in Clare Island. In a former existence was Hindu guru in early 5th century, a descendent of Patanjali, the classical formulator of yogic doctrine. Disputed with Vatsyayan over the latter’s publication of ”The Third Way’.

Had read several books before starting school at the age of four. At the age of twelve knew more than the teacher, kept at home and put to work as slave on family farm. Since then he has been fisherman, shepherd, veterinary surgeon, farmer, lighthouse keeper (at present does light housekeeping work in his hovel) Rate-collector and Wellington-fixer. Was Secretary to the late Chieftain of Clare Island and Knight of the Dalcassian Order of Chivalry, John Ned O’Malley (the Mill).

In 1960, founded the world famous ‘Society for the Preservation of Seminal Fluid’.

At present, practices Sankhya yoga, has reached the sixth limb stage ‘Fixation of Attention’ (dharana) and each day sits on cabin floor in ‘lotus posture’, cross-legged, feet on thighs, naked, head forward, eyes downward cast, contemplating his problem.

Michael Joe O’Malley
Clare Island
circa 1969