Horsemanship teachers

Christophe is an experienced horseman and has ridden, driven, bred and trained horses for many years. He has studied Intelligent Horsemanship with Kelly Marks (a student of Monty Roberts), Positive Horsemanship with Vanessa Bee (founder of the Horse Agility Club) and the Horsefulness system of Karine Vandenbore. He has also been inspired by the writing of Mark Rashid, Linda Kohanov and Chris Irwin (amongst others)

He is also an experienced barefoot trimmer, and is passionate about natural horse care.

His passion for horses led him to explore the therapeutic aspects of the horse / human relationship, and he is a trained Equine Assisted Learning facilitator with EAGALA.


Ciara was in love with horses as a child and rode and showed her Connemara pony, imported from Ireland to Ohio, during her childhood.

After settling in Ireland in the 1980’s, she didn’t get a chance to revisit her childhood passion until she met Christophe in 1998 and was delighted to discover his shared interest for horses.

They bought two Connemara brood mares and two riding horses in 2001. The herd has grown tsince, and now includes a number of “youngsters” bred at the farm. She has studied with Vanessa Bee, (Positive Horsemanship, UK) and has been inspired by her to explore the connections between yoga and natural horsemanship.

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