Equine Assisted Mindfulness (EAM)

We offer Equine Assisted Mindfulness (EAM) – an experiential approach in which mindfulness skills are developed through interactive activities with horses.

Horses make excellent mindfulness teachers. They are social animals who live totally in the moment and are very skilled communicators, using movement and breath to connect with each other in a peaceful and authentic manner. Horses are also quick learners with excellent boundary setting skills. They are non-judgemental and are happy to engage with humans, without any expectations or hidden agendas.  For the horse-human relationship to work, however, humans must be fully present, truthful and focused, communicate clearly, and be open to change. Horses are experts at using emotions as information and will read and respond to the emotional state of their handler, whether it is acknowledged or not. They respond to non-verbal communication, and will give immediate feed back, demonstrating how a change in the participant affects everything around them.

EAM and other Equine assisted learning modalities are  fast becoming recognised as an innovative approach to assist people of all ages in increasing their levels of self-awareness, and in doing so, facilitating improvements in areas such as self-confidence, boundary setting, teamwork, communication or leadership skills.

An EAM session generally involve the person or group interacting with one or more horses on the ground, and does not include riding. No prior experience with horses is assumed or necessary to take part.

We offer Equine assisted mindfulness for individual and groups of adults or children over 12 (up to 6 people).

Individual sessions are one hour, while group sessions are about 90 minutes. Sessions must be booked at least one day in advance (to give us time to get the horses ready).
You can book and pay for a session using the Paypal button below, but please check with us for availability and to agree on a suitable time before you do so.

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It’s amazing what the horse will do for us if we treat him like he’s one of us