At Macalla Farm we have been keeping horses (mostly Connemara ponies) since 2003.

Our horses play a significant role in our lives and the life of the farm.  Our horses and ponies are our friends and companions and we care for them as naturally as possible.  They live as a herd and are free to roam the large upland expanse of the farm all year round.  We ride and work our horses without shoes or bits and use herbal wormers rather than chemical ones to keep them worm free. We do all the trimming ourselves and have been training horse owners to do this for many years.

Since 2007 we have been exploring various methods of horsemanship in which the human/horse partnership is based on mutual respect and trust.  Working from the premise that horses are intelligent, sensitive and sociable animals helps us to communicate more effectively with them by using their own language. As we began to learn their language, our horses have become our teachers. In order for this new horse-human relationship to work, we have to be fully present, open to change and true to ourselves.

Click here to view a video of the horses at Macalla farm.