Skill Sessions

We offer a Skill Session option for those interested in learning a new skill while staying here.

If you are interested in food, you can learn any of the following skills:

  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Preserving food (bottling, juicing, making jam and chutneys, lacto-fermenting vegetables) JUNE TO OCTOBER ONLY
  • Sourdough bread making
  • Organic gardening SPRING AND SUMMER ONLY

Come on dates that suit you, on your own or with a friend, and for a minimum of two nights.

Every day you will spend at least two hours with one of us, learning a specific skill. The tuition is personalized to suit your own needs, and emphasis is placed on learning by doing. In most cases, the option is only available when no other retreat or course is running (see our schedule).

The rest of the day to is yours to relax, explore the island or read (we have an extensive library from which you can borrow books about the skill you are learning). All food is provided: you organise your own breakfast and usually one other meal with ingredients we provide. Lunch or Dinner is prepared by us (or by you as well, if you are doing the cooking option), and either eaten in our dining room or delivered to yours! All food is organic, with all vegetables and some fruit grown here on the farm.

Cost is 120 euros/night, and includes two to three hours of individual tuition, organic vegetarian food and single room accommodation. If coming with a partner or friend, the cost is 100/night, the friend pays 60 euros/ night / per person (without tuition).

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

You may have skills that can be exchanged for ours: we are particularly interested in those with green building skills, as well as green-woodworking, soap-making, tap-dancing!! etc. Contact us, as we may be interested in a skills exchange.

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