Can I bring a non yoga partner?

Yes, on most courses this is possible. Contact us.

Is it OK to come on my own?

Absolutely! Most people who come to our farm come on their own. You will be sharing a room with one other person of the same gender (unless you’ve requested a single room).

Are you open year round?

No. We welcome guests from Easter to the end of September and usually run a retreat over Christmas and one over New Year’s day. Outside these dates, the centre may be available for hire by a group, but is usually not open for personal retreats.

Is there Wifi?

There is Wifi in our house, so it is possible to confirm flights, etc.
However, to foster a peaceful retreat atmosphere and get the most of your time away, we strongly  encourage you to turn off your electronic devices altogether for the duration of your stay, or, if that is not possible,  to strictly limit internet and mobile phone use to absolute necessities.
Wifi is not available  in the guest houses.

Can I get a single room?

Depending on what course is running, we have a limited numbers of single rooms available at the farm which are allocated on a first come/ first serve basis.
If you absolutely require a single room, it is usually possible to stay in a airB&B, a 10 minute walk from the centre. There is a supplement of 20 euros/ night.
If you require a single room, please contact us before you book.

Can I arrive a day early?

Unfortunately no. We are too busy getting the centre ready the day before the course to be able to accommodate guests earlier than the scheduled start of a course.
If you want to arrive on the island earlier than the planned start of the course,  you will have to make your own arrangements for travel and accommodation, see for help with this.

Can I stay an extra night?

Yes, this is usually possible unless we have another course starting immediately.
Cost for staying an extra night is 50 euros, B&B and dinner.

What do I need to bring?

Sturdy walking boots and all weather gear, a torch, a towel (we don’t supply them) and your yoga mat if you have one (if not, you can borrow one from us).
We ask guests not to bring alcoholic drinks when coming for a course. We don’t serve alcohol with meals, and the farm in general is an alcohol free zone.

I have specific dietary requirements, can you accommodate me?

We accommodate vegan and gluten free diets. For other dietary requirements, you may have to bring your own supplies. Please contact us in advance of booking to discuss this.

What type of yoga do you teach?

Sati yoga, a strong, slow and transformative practice which aims at developing mindfulness of body and breath through asanas, pranayama and various meditation practices.

What is there to do on the island?

The island offers some excellent hill walking and bird watching as well as archaeological and historic sites.
Guests are welcome to borrow books from our extensive library.
If you are coming for an Open House, we offer optional equine assisted mindfulness and natural horsemanship sessions in the afternoon. (Note however that we do not offer horse riding). There are also skill session options in the kitchen, ie, vegetarian cooking, bread making, food preserving.
Guests are always welcome to help in the garden or in the kitchen :)