Discounts on courses and retreats

We wish to open our courses and retreats to as many people as possible and do not want to turn away those whose financial situation would prohibit them attending. We are happy to offer a number of discounts (in most cases, there is a limit of one discount per course). When booking, please indicate the discount you wish to avail of (some discounts are offered on a first come / first serve basis). If no discounts apply to your situation, or you find that you are still unable to afford to study with us, please contact us directly–we are happy to discuss individual situations. Likewise, if your financial situation is comfortable, you may consider not claiming a relevant discount– permitting someone else who is financially worse off to benefit. We are a very small operation with householder duties and while we would love to run our retreats entirely on dana, at the moment this is not feasible for us.

If you are making use of a discount  and want to pay online by Paypal, you will actually be paying a deposit of more than 50% of the final price of your course, but don’t worry, we will adjust your balance accordingly.

Note that discounts are only available if you are booking directly through us. Bookings received through a third party are not eligible for any discounts.


We offer a 10% early bird discount to people booking a course more than three calendar months before its start date.

We offer a 5% returnee discount on all yoga courses to people who have been on one of our courses within the past year.

If you have been here before and come back with one or more friends who have never been here before, we offer a 5% discount if you bring one friend, 10% if you bring two friends, and so on.

On summer courses we offer €20 per night discount for camping. There is limited space for the camping option so please contact us in advance of booking to check availability.

We offer two concessionary karma yoga places on each course. In return for the discount participants work a few hours each day.

We offer a discount of €25 euros per full day – note that this is excluding the first and last day of the course. We are willing to discuss options with each person on an individual basis, depending on how much work you are willing and able to do, and what your particular financial circumstances are.

If you would like to apply for one of these discounted places, please contact us in advance of booking. Because we have a limited number of places per course for this work exchange basis, it is best to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Also note that with this option, you may not have much free time to explore the island in the afternoons.

Daily duties will include washing up and cleaning the kitchen / dinning room after each meal, cleaning of the yoga room and possibly helping with some of the cooking or gardening.