Dana (donation economy)


On some of our courses and for some of our classes, we don’t charge a fixed price but instead allow participants to decide, at the end of the course or class, how much they want to contribute toward the cost of the teaching. This is Dana.

Dana is a  practice in Buddhism and yoga. It helps both the donor and the receiver to develop generosity, wisdom and non-attachment.

By turning on its head the capitalist assumption that everything has a price, the practice of Dana in the contemporary world is an attempt at building a new economical paradigm in which you take what you need and give what you can. Rather than entering into a provider / consumer relationship, we invite you to explore economic relationships which contribute towards a culture of sharing.

If a course or class is run on Dana, you are invited at the end of it to support our work by anonymously placing whatever money you feel moved to give in a donation box. Donations can also be made by transferring money into our bank account, or online by Paypal, see below.

Of course, we need financial contributions to make these courses  or classes viable, and the donation economy should not be seen as a “cheap option”. But we also appreciate that your financial circumstances might mean you cannot afford commercial rates and can only give little.
On the other hand, if your financial circumstances are comfortable and you value what we offer, you may consider giving generously.

 Thanks to Ecodharma and to Stephen Bachelor for the inspiration

To make a donation by bank transfer (in euros), directly into our bank account, please visit the  Booking a course page.  The password needed to access the bank details is Pranayama123*