Apprenticeships (long term volunteers)

We offer an apprenticeship scheme for those who would like to volunteer at the farm for an extended period of time.

Apprentices must be able to commit themselves for a minimum of three months though preference will be given to people who can come for longer periods (until the end of the summer for the yoga apprentice, and until the Autumn for the food production apprentice).

These apprenticeship schemes are based on mutual exchange: in exchange for help with the running of the farm and the yoga centre, apprentices will receive all food and accommodation as well as tuition, providing a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in one of these two areas.

Please note that a number of the skills falling under the two apprenticeship positions will be shared and that it is possible to ‘mix and match’ skills (such as sheep milking) that might fall under a different profile than the one you are particularly interested in.

We are especially interested to hear from people who have any of the following skills – eco-building, green woodworking, working with children (especially in the area of nature and green education).

We have two apprenticeships available from March 2018 for people who are keen to develop their skills in one of the following two areas:

Organic food production
Work consists of helping in the garden and the polytunnels, providing a great opportunity to get practical experience with organic food production as well as becoming familiar with various approaches including permaculture and biodynamics. There will also be some work in the kitchen, preserving garden produce into jam, chutney, lactofermentated products, etc. Yoghurt and cheesemaking skills are also included here. On the farm, we ask that the apprentice helps with the milking of the sheep.  The food apprentice works closely with the head gardener to provide produce for the course and the Stone barn cafe.

Yoga/yoga centre management
Work consists of engaging with guests on our courses, house cleaning and helping out in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to learn vegetarian cooking, bread making, and various methods of food production and preserving. The apprentice should have some yoga experience and will receive tuition from us, formally through attending many of the yoga sessions offered during the season as well as occasionally on a one-to-one basis. This position could also suit someone with some bodywork qualification (massage, reiki, etc.) as there is the potential of earning an income by offering treatments to the students on the courses.
Note that while this apprenticeship offers is a great opportunity to develop your own practice, it does not include any teaching opportunities.

To apply
If you are interested in this apprenticeship scheme, please have a thorough browse through our website, including Volunteers at Macalla Farm PDF and email us with:
– details of your relevant experience (if any)
– why you’d like to work with us
– the dates you would be available.

Please provide at least two references relevant to your experience. We will follow up by email and skype or phone call.