Our ethos for sustainable living

At Macalla Farm, we try to live as sustainably as we can. Living this way is not a burden nor a temporary lifestyle choice, but simply the only way that makes sense, given the understanding we have of our place in the world.

Living on an island has a way of focusing the mind: because of the extra effort to get stuff out here (and subsequently the effort of getting rid of what we no longer want), we are especially mindful of what and how much we consume.

Solar panels/stoves heat our water and Eirtricity provides our electricity. We used natural building methods and eco-friendly materials including hemp/lime and cellulose insulation in the buildings. They are heated solely by wood, some of which we cut ourselves from our woodland. All dry goods and non-perishable ingredients are 95% organic (and fairtrade if possible), and are bought in bulk a few times a year to lessen packaging.

We produce 99% of our vegetables, all our jams, chutneys, pickles and kimchis, some of our juices and drinks and all our bread. During the milking season, we make our own yoghurt and soft and hard cheese. Our bee hives provide us with honey and the ducks give us eggs. We also produce high quality compost, liquid feed for the garden and save seed for sowing.

All biodegradeable waste goes to compost, cardboard, newspaper is used for mulching along with bracken, molinia and seaweed.  Bottles and jars are re-used for preserving our surplus from the garden. We aim to reduce our non-recycleable waste which must be sent to landfill on the mainland.

We have planted over 3000 deciduous trees around the farm and have protected the woodland from over-grazing. The increase in biodiversity is palpable: the dawn chorus at Macalla Farm has become a true delight!