Volunteering (woofing) at Macalla farm

Since 2004 the running of Macalla Farm has been assisted by a large number of generous volunteers and woofers, coming from more than 20 different countries.

For those who want to gain experience in a particular field, and can commit for a longer period (at least 2 months), we also offer an apprenticeship scheme.

We continue to host short terms helpers and woofers (minimum stay two weeks) during specific work periods when we need extra help for a particular project or when there is a large amount of work to be done. We do not however have room for short term volunteers during the summer months, when the main focus at the farm is our yoga and meditation retreats.

Volunteers at Macalla farm work with us in exchange for food and accommodation. From the feedback we have received from past volunteers, their time on Clare Island has been a very positive and unique experience.

Work periods for short term helpers at Macalla farm:

  • February: Woodland work: tree planting and harvesting firewood, some work  done by horse power (apply in late Autumn for February 2017)
  • March and early April: Getting the garden ready after the winter (apply in the fall for March 2017)
  • May and June: Gardening, house maintenance and sometimes eco-building (apply in January for May and June 2017)
  • September and October: Harvesting and preserving and sometimes eco-building (apply in the spring for September orOctober 2017)

Outside these dates, we sometimes have room for people with gardening or eco-building experience. We offer skilled workers a small fee in addition to the food/accommodation, or are happy to work out some form of skill-sharing exchange. At the moment our volunteers and apprentices live in one of our two accommodation buildings.

To find out more about joining us as a volunteer, see the Volunteers at Macalla Farm PDF

If you are interested in applying,  please contact us with details of your relevant experience (if any), why you’d like to work with us, and the dates you would be available.